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Rod iron beds – Nanni ferro battuto Rod iron bed made in Italy

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Desk Letizia - Chair Letizia New

Desk Letizia - Chair Letizia


755.00€ Ex Tax: 755.00€

Handrail Curl mm.16

Handrail with forged "Curl" in profile thickness 16mm. in Graphite colour..

50.00€ Ex Tax: 50.00€

Handrail Curl mm.18

Handrail with forged "Curl" in profile thickness 18mm. in Graphite colour..

55.00€ Ex Tax: 55.00€

Handrail Curl mm.20

Handrail with forged "Curl" in profile thickness 20mm. in Graphite colour..

60.00€ Ex Tax: 60.00€

Spider Bottle holder

Artistic "Spider" bottle holder in wrought iron. Bottle included...

199.00€ Ex Tax: 199.00€

Table "Dover"

DOVERArt. 1024Tablecm. 120x75x40hin photo decoration: rust effectThe base formed with river rock can..

742.00€ Ex Tax: 742.00€

Table lamp "Cartiglio" New

Table lamp "Cartiglio"

CartiglioArt. 1228Table lamp with lampshadecm. 21x21x64hin photo decoration: rust effect..

174.00€ Ex Tax: 174.00€

Rod iron beds